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To EDUCATE and EMPOWER our business community, especially women and minorities, about how to access capital and create generational wealth by EXPOSING them to sustainable programs, resources and experiences. 

Note: Private capital is the focus, although other forms may be mentioned. 

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Board of Directors Open Positions

MATC is looking to fill 2 Board of Directors positions - EVP of Programs and VP of Communication

If interested, please click the following link to apply for EVP of Programs or VP of Communication or you may email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Four Ways to Use Our Dollars to Make Real Change

We can create change by voting and advocating with our dollars 
Written by Dar'shun Kendrick

There is $1.3 trillion dollars in African American spending power. Let me say that again—$1.3 TRILLION in spending power—based on Nielsen’s African Americans are More Relevant Than Ever report projection of African American spending power in the United States this year.  That’s a lot of power for the over 42 million African Americans in the United States. We aren’t fully using that power but the time to start is now!

Written by Dar'shun Kendrick

Good Evening and thank you to everyone for being here today. To the wonderful Board members of Minority Access to Capital, Inc., thank you for receiving and supporting my vision for this organization. To the brave advisory board members, both potential and those already on board, we are excited about your presence here and in the future and your involvement and advise in the future. There is much work to do---but with your guidance we understand that 2017 will be an amazing year for MATC. And finally to the members and potential members gathered here today, on behalf of all Board members of MATC, we could not and cannot continue to further our mission without you so thank you for your support.  




MATC Board of Directors would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members looking to create generational wealth!

Eric Mason, President, Mason Business Services

Kecia Blackmon, Apeel Company

Barry Callender, Principal Consultant, Korn Ferry

We are looking forward to putting your business in the Millioniare Club!

Membership Benefit Highlight

 As a member, you have access to research Venture Capital Firm who are looking to invest capital in companies like yours.  Log into your account and look under the Members Menu.  There is an menu item labeled "Research Venture Capital Firms".  Thee you will find thousands of VC Firms and their contact information.

 We will be holding a technology online seminar session for members to better understand how to take advantage of the tools and technologies that are part of your membership benefit.  The target date/time for the online seminar is July 14, 2017 @ 7:30pm.  


For membership related assistance, please email the Vice President of Membership @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Capital-Raising and Growth Strategies  Solutions for Women, Minority-owned and all companies

June 25th, 8am til 12pm @ Georgia World Congress Center

 Minority Access To Capital is excited to host, with our partners and sponsors, this event which will bring awareness to minority and women owned businesses regarding raising capital and strategic growth.

Registration will open in June. Please sign-up for our eNewletter to be notified when registration will open.  There will be only 82 seats available.






African-Americans are more likely to get hired, but get paid less in tech industry

For all its so-called innovation and egalitarianism, Silicon Valley may remain just as problematic as the rest of America when it comes to the pay gap between African-American and white workers.

According to a study by Hired, a San Francisco-based tech worker recruiting firm, the average African-American candidate is 49% more likely to get hired than the average white candidate in the tech industry’s two largest markets, San Francisco and New York.


But when it comes to actual salaries, African-American tech workers — software engineers, in particular — woefully fall behind. According to the report, that’s because they ask for and receive significantly lower salaries: $113,000 and $115,000, respectively, versus their white counterparts who ask for and receive salaries ...




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